After ten years of absence and moved to Valencia in 1980, which gave him the motivation to define its sixth series. Installed in a watchtower on the green fields, had to regain his fighting spirit and denouncing the savage aggression that was being submitted to the garden home of their ancestors, haunted by the interest and speculation of those who ignore what is a living culture inveighed against her, devouring her with the most savage and callous attack. And thus arose a new social witness.


If he had hitherto never painted landscape had to make an exception and bring the plastic elements to constructivism intuitive and visual planimetric, whose codes were developed structures parceling green, blue, yellow and black for the first time. Never before or since, again used the color gamut.

1979 1979
Series L'Horta "planimetry" Series L'Horta "planimetry"
100 x 140 cm. 100 x 140 cm.
Tec.mix / wood Tec.mix / wood