As always, the circumstances bearing on the conduct of its fifth installment. In 1969 he agreed to the Chair of Drawing at the Normal School in Cordoba and in 1971, through competition in Tarragona docked shuttle. The reunion took place with the Mediterranean and the arrival of democracy, was definitive. Greek harmony of the cosmos and the establishment of freedom, the right to choose, to talk, breathe, gave him a sense of moderation and balance. This series made between 1.977-1.980 was dedicated as "Homage to Phidias" and assumed a return to classical sources.


The emerging figuration of the previous series culminated in mythological characters. The relief was totally excluded, although it remained the volumetric aspect of representation as a new value plastic, or a pictorial reminiscence.

Series "A Tribute to Phidias"
114 x 97 cm.
Tec.mix / wood
1978 1978
Series "A Tribute to Phidias" Series "A Tribute to Phidias"
97 x 116 cm. 110 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix / wood Tec.mix / wood