The fourth set lasted 10 years. During this long period it was imposing the need to survive so it was downloading the emotional and directing their attention to solutions related to research plastic leveraging the emergence of the movement advocated by Aguilera Cerni called "Prior Art". Although not a actively in it, his influence led to the inclusion of the relief, in metal or wood, and their integration on smooth surfaces colored integers.


Some graduates work as: "total base 2" or "sets: application in", enabled him to make speculations about the world of elementary mathematics building with him ways and geometric rational speculation. Later, the emphasis evolved into organic forms constructed through the articulation of straight and curved lines and large textured planes where they could find no notable about figuration.


1970 1973
"Hybrid" "Woodcut"
130 x 110 cm. 130 x 110 cm.
Tec.mix / board / wood Tec.mix / board / wood


"Hybrid organic"
100 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix / wood

1975 1977
"Hybrid organic" "Hybrid organic"
75 x 89 cm. 100 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix / wood Tec.mix / wood