Between 1965-66 he began the second series which coincided with a radical change in Spanish life. The events led to the revolt of May 68, and his painting became a living testimony of the surrounding turmoil. The speech was radicalized and worked as a denunciation of a present unacceptable which departs from the romantic, but not resolved without subjectivity. All visceral and chaotic reality of life and full of controversy, struck the theme of this series, inspired by a revolutionary zeal opposed to more concrete and lyrical sense of the previous series.


Coordinate axes that structured the preceding stage opened, leaving empty spaces on which were piled gesticulating creatures, supported by walls that were visible in the slogans written, struck by dripping stains. The cry, without voice, compositional break between the diagonals between the structure and violent action. The poetics of containment came to open warfare and debate. The black color was the protagonist.


166 x 114 cm.
Oil on canvas
1966   1966
"Controversy" "In extremis II"
114 x 130 cm. 125 x 160 cm.
Tec.mix. canvas Tec.mix. canvas